Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Covid 19 Policy Summer 2022

Date updated: March 1st, 2022

At diiVe, we are deeply committed to the health, safety and well-being of our students and we take Coronavirus very seriously. To this end, we have closely monitored the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation and its impact on South Africa, as well as more internationally.

As of February 1st 2022, South Africa is still on Adjusted Level 1, as introduced on October 1st, 2021. Adjusted Level 1 means that nearly all restrictions concerning Coronavirus have been lifted, you are free to move and travel. However face masks are still required whenever in public, and social distancing is still followed.


In order to fly to South Africa, you must obtain a negative PCR test 72 hours before boarding your flight to South Africa. You must also double check with your airline what their requirements are, as they do not always align with South African travel regulations. In order to join our program, we require that our diiVers be vaccinated. If there are specific circumstances concerning vaccination, please do contact us directly on this.


In regard to cancellations or refunds due to Covid-19, the following shall apply for the Cape Town Summer 2022 Program. (The diiVe Virtual Program will go ahead regardless of the Covid-19 situation.)


  • Cancellations 

1.1.    diiVe will be monitoring the global Covid-19 situation closely in the months leading up to the Summer Program.

1.2.    In the event that diiVe deems the Covid-19 situation makes the Cape Town program unmanageable, diiVe will cancel.

1.3.    diiVe will make its final decision on whether to cancel the Cape Town program at the latest by May 20th, one month before the start of the Summer Program. If participants do not hear about a cancellation by this date, they can assume the program is going ahead.

1.4.    In the event that the Cape Town program is canceled by diiVe, students will have the option to participate in the virtual program instead, to defer their participation until Summer 2023, or to receive a full refund.


  1. Refunds 

2.1.    In the event that a student decides to pull out of the Cape Town program due to Covid reasons before May 20th, they will receive a full refund except for the $100 application processing fee.

2.2.    In the event that a student decides to pull out of the Cape Town program due to Covid reasons after May 20th, they will not receive a refund.