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Uncertainty. Change. Virtual. All words used to describe our new professional realities. We sit at a unique moment in history, as we individually and collectively create our “new normal”. How will you prepare?

We are living in an unprecedented time in world history. The global pandemic has put immense pressure on our already fragile global systems, further exacerbating inequalities and spurring our revaluation of the roles that governments, communities and organizations play in our global society.

At the same time, this crisis has pushed the digital workplace revolution into overdrive. Across the world, businesses are urgently pivoting in response to the current crisis, prioritizing rapid digitization.

It’s clear that this dramatic transformation isn’t simply a product of the current reality. Students and recent graduates who want to successfully navigate and excel in our new normal will require a unique set of virtual skills, leadership capabilities and strategic understanding of the world.

Through diiVe’s virtual internship program this January, dive into the consulting world and an opportunity to build the critical skills necessary starting a consulting career as well as for thriving in a fast-changing world.

diiVe’s Virtual Internship Program

Build your consulting skills in our 1-week course: Consulting in the New Normal

Apply your skills in a 2-week consulting project for a leading company

Develop sustainable solutions during your internship in digital teams

Gain in-demand virtual business and leadership skills

Access to an exclusive network of leaders from around the world

Build your career path through mentorship and personalized coaching

What you need to know

Who is this programme for?

Open to university students and recent graduates across all majors and grades, we are looking for high-performing applicants and ambitious candidates who want to build the personal and professional skills necessary to excel in a post-COVID era.

Check out our FAQ’s for more.

Want to find out more info?

Ready to start your journey?

Tuition: $750

Dates: January 4 – 22, 2021

Application Deadline: Closed

What’s included:

• 1-week online course: “Consulting in the New Normal”
• 2-week consulting internship project
• Consulting case prep session
• Résumé development support and professional recommendation
• Lifetime access to an exclusive global network

Ready for a rapidly evolving world?

At diiVe, we equip you with the skills necessary to excel in our New Normal, have a real impact on a business navigating the challenges of our new normal, and facilitate your personal and professional growth to ensure you have direction and focus in our ever-changing reality.

International consulting experience in digital teams

While operating from your home, you will have the opportunity to work on a consulting project for a Cape Town-based client navigating the New Normal. In digital teams with your peers, you’ll apply your new knowledge and skills and focus on project-based work consulting on a business challenge.

In-demand virtual business and leadership skills

As a result of the global pandemic, you will learn the key skills and capabilities necessary to excel in our emerging work environment. You will learn how to “Consult in the New Normal”, through the first online course that focuses on preparing students for excelling in a consulting career including resilience building, career positioning and strategic management.

Career direction and connection to purpose

Through mentorship and personalized coaching from our experts, you will develop a strong sense of purpose, and learn how to use this as an anchor to make decisions, prioritize opportunities and navigate uncertainty. You can use your purpose as a tool to build your career path and define your next step.

Exposure to and prep for a career in consulting

Be exposed to the fast-paced world of consulting, learning the foundational management and business consulting skills from our resident consultants. Discover career opportunities in this dynamic industry, engaging with senior consultants from around the world, and prepare for your future through case study prep and resume development.

Letter of recommendation and resume support

Upon successful completion of your internship, we ensure that you are equipped with the recommendations you need to show your capability to future employers. At diiVe, we’re committed to providing you with resume support and referrals after you complete our program.

Access to a global leadership network

When you finish the program, you’ll be connected with a global network of diiVe alumni, staff, and work colleagues. Your international experience and network will give you a leg up in the business world and provide you with unique skills our New Normal environment requires.

Ready to thrive in the new normal?


Virtual Summer 2021 applications are open!
Find out more about our 6-week virtual consulting internship program here and learn to thrive in the new normal!

Please note: we have made the decision to postpone the diiVe Cape Town in-person program for 2021 due to Covid-19.