Your gap year is about to get a whole lot better.

diiVe:Gap is an immersive 3-month internship program based in

Cape Town, South Africa. Get ready to to gain hands-on consulting experience in the most beautiful city in the world.

The world of work is changing and evolving rapidly, requiring different capabilities and greater human understanding to lead us to a better, more inclusive future. 

The problem is that only 16% of graduates on average possess the skills required by employers – we’re here to change that! 

Are you ready to become a future leader? #TakeThediiVe

Why diiVe Gap

International work experience

All Gap Year students will work on projects for Cape Town-based companies with diverse teams of students from all over the world. 

Access to an impactful network

Our extensive network of industry professionals, as well as our hundreds of alumni, are always here to offer a helping hand.

Connection to personal purpose

We place an emphasis throughout the program on developing each diiVer’s personal purpose so our students leave each program with a greater understanding of themselves, the world and their role within it.

Career direction

We work closely with each student to assess their interests, strengths and passions, and define their purpose in order to develop a clear direction for their future.

In-demand 5IR knowledge and skills

The world is changing rapidly – demanding a new set of hard and soft skills. We develop these skills throughout the program and ensure our students are prepared for our New Normal.

Lifelong memories and friends

The bonds formed by our team, student cohorts and partners go beyond just work; diiVers develop deep, personal connections that last long after each program’s conclusion.

Djibril Rushingabigwi, PwC NYC
Harvard University

“A big part of my confidence and preparation for consulting came from having diiVe in my corner … a big thank you to you and the team!”

What you need to know

Who is this program for?

diiVe:Gap is open to all university-level students planning on taking a gap year prior to, or during, their time at university. 

Our program is designed for students seeking to make the most of their time out of the class room by defining their personal purpose, developing a powerful skillset, and applying their new knowledge and skills to a real-world consulting project.

Want to find out more info?

Ready to start your journey?

Tuition: $5700

Dates: January 3 –  March 25 2022

First Application
: December 7 2021

What’s included:

  • 2-week “Consulting in the New Normal” curriculum, taken alongsidecmembers of our JTerm cohort
  • In-person orientation in Cape Town to meet the diiVe team and your fellow Gap diiVers
  • 10-week internship working with a Cape Town-based client
  • Accommodation with your peers in Cape Town
  • Cultural excursions and immersive activities
  • 24/7 support and guidance from our team in Cape Town
  • Coaching and workshops focused on defining your purpose
  • Lifetime access to an exclusive, impactful, and global network
  • Consulting info sessions and workshops held by industry leaders
  • Resume and cover letter guidance and support
  • Countless memories and lifelong friendships! 

Are you ready to make your gap year unforgettable? 

diiVe is for all. 

We are committed to ensuring each program is accessible to all students -regardless of their financial situation. We partner with universities and foundations worldwide to provide the necessary financial support to each of our students, and offer financial aid and scholarships to ensure cost does not prohibit any student from joining us. Enquire more by sending an email.