Advance your future

Through our focused internship program, gain international work experience where you will apply your new skills in a professional setting.

How do I gain a competitive edge in a global marketplace? Work in one.

Cape Town is the tech and innovation hub of Africa and one of the rising players on the global stage. Within South Africa’s unique social context and set of challenges lies the opportunity to develop creative and impactful solutions. In Cape Town, you aren’t just an intern but a driver of change, a leader and an innovator. Use diiVe and our internship partners as a launching pad to:

  • Apply yourself in a future-focused work environment
  • Gain insight into yourself and the world around you
  • Deeply understand a new context and its challenges 
  • Contribute to a rapidly developing emerging market economy
  • Grow your leadership skills by adapting to a new space
  • Develop your global network of connections
  • Bolster your resume to make yourself infinitely more employable

Accelerate your future through a hands-on internship

We have partnered with a range of organisations from large, global firms to savvy, tech start ups and NGOs to provide you with an unparalleled learning experience, customized to advance your future career and impact.

Two featured internship partners where you can accelerate your future and gain real-world experience, whilst putting your understanding of blockchain or data science to the test, are:


Aerobotics is an artificial intelligence company with its roots in agriculture. Aerobotics uses aerial imagery from drones and satellites and machine learning algorithms for early problem detection on tree and wine farms to optimize crop performance for farmers around the world. Its cloud-based web application, Aeroview, provides farmers with insights, scout mapping and other tools to mitigate damage to tree and vine crops from pest and disease.

Linum Labs

Linum Labs are a growing team of pioneers, developers and digital implementers who create and inspire positive change through revolutionary emerging technologies. They believe that their communities are the users, builders, contributors, and developers of blockchain solutions that form a fundamental part of the decentralised future we are building together.

Internship-Only Option

Already have background in business or data and want to join us for an internship only? Not a problem!

We offer 8-12 week professional internships for students in either Data Science or Consulting at one of our partner organizations in Cape Town. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Students are required to have previous experience in and knowledge of the technical area they select and have demonstrated this through their application to diiVe, via short answer, resume and academic transcripts.

Think you are eligible? To learn more about this opportunity email us directly here and apply here.

Ready to intern in the Silicon Valley of Africa?