Unlocking agency of future leaders

Technology is constantly changing. We need to examine how we can build digital competence with core leadership skills to remain resilient and ready for the emerging future.

The world is rapidly evolving at an unprecedented rate due to technology, globalization amongst other factors. Graduates now require a new set of skills and capabilities in order to navigate uncertainty and excel in different environments. While they may seem less tangible than financial modelling or data analysis, leadership capacity is essential for managing the fast-paced change and complex issues that dictate our future. Purpose-driven, hyper-collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence and cultural awareness are key leadership capabilities that top-employers look for as they are required for successfully leading in a connected, globalized world. This is why leadership is at the center of our program, and why leadership development makes up the backbone of the curriculum: we want to maximize the impact of our cohorts.

Digital leaders are those who are able to embrace complexity. They are able to leverage digital technology and platforms to drive global consciousness, realize growth and promote connectedness. Not only do they use technology to its full potential; but they are socially conscious and maintain a curiosity about the world. These leaders possess an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to manage fast-paced change: they fail fast and learn faster; generating impactful solutions to complex problems.

They are authentic and humble in their actions and are deeply connected to their purpose: they use what drives them to move from the acceptable to the exceptional and use personal growth to create professional impact.

How do you develop digital leadership capability?

Contrary to general misconception; leadership can be taught. It is, however, complex. Learning leadership involves personal growth as well as transforming through foundation-shaking experiences that are high impact, integrated and experiential. At diiVe, we draw on a wide range of wisdoms to create these experiences that unlock agency for all our diiVers:


We draw on a network of business leaders, community members,
entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to build a transformative experience. We promote working in teams and with/in communities.


For the world to change, we need more empowered individuals with a connection to self. At diiVe, we align individual values, perspectives and ambitions to allow people to create their future and thrive in it.


The power to create a future can only be realized with a holistic understanding of the world and how we interact with it. We encourage hands-on experience, failing fast and learning faster, and deep immersion in to new contexts and environments.

Ecosystem Knowledge

Knowledge is becoming increasingly decentralized and is abundant in new
sources that were previously overlooked. We connect to communities, businesses, thought leaders and academics, drawing on their interconnecting knowledge to create deeper understanding of a challenge.


Individual learnings do not happen in isolation nor are they effective when
used to solve complex, systemic problems. We fully integrate values, purpose and technology so that new capabilities can be used in tandem to create more holistic solutions.


Emerging technologies are advancing at a rate too rapid to predict whilst a lot of the world’s problems are growing far worse. We promote an approach that prioritizes understanding and responding with technologies  That can be used to develop accessible and affordable solutions.

Our leadership framework

While students engage in their respective digital bootcamps, they will constantly be exposed to unique leadership development. Our leadership curriculum is overarching and fully integrated into whichever bootcamp our students choose. We guide our diiVers as they discover their purpose, explore and understand a new cultural context and further develop their unique outlooks. We believe that wisdom comes from many sources, and expose students to diverse viewpoints and ideas through guest speakers, site visits and interactions with peers. Even when students are not taking part in our leadership curriculum, our hands on approach to problem solving and learning means that they will constantly be pushed to collaborate, engage and think systemically in whatever they do, preparing them to successfully navigate our emerging future.

Summer 2024 applications are open now. Deadline to apply to diiVe is March 20th, 2024. Apply here now!