Building Future-Facing Leaders

We believe in developing impactful leaders, who possess agency, requires an experiential, cross-cultural approach activated by personal purpose.

Our changing world and the leaders we need

We are living at a time of exponential change. Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate, transforming our traditional businesses and political structures whilst reshaping our global societies and systems. Coupled with an increased global connectedness, students are now entering the working world facing increasingly complex challenges. Technology is a major driver of this change, however we need to ensure that our development moving forward is  impactful and creates an empowering world for all. We need a new generation of leaders who are able to adopt a different skills set to address the contemporary context. We need leaders with empathy to connect with a diverse global community and customers, adaptability to be able to keep up with the rate of change and a systemic perspective to deeply understand and innovate around these challenges. 

However, existing institutions are not necessarily preparing young minds for the rapidly changing world and its challenges. They are slow to adapt and not able to keep up with the rate of change or the more dynamic, global world.

We believe that learning must be integrative, experiential and cross-cultural and that it depends on digital knowledge and application, and connection to purpose. Our aim is to provide students with a unique, global experience that develops their digital and entrepreneurial capability, elevates their employability, and builds their capacity, as future leaders, to drive real impact in their careers.

At diiVe, we are building this generation of leaders.

Defining your future… discovering your purpose

Harvard Business Review has identified purpose-driven leadership as an essential attribute in navigating the complex and uncertain world we live in today as well as critical to exceptional performance and a pathway to greater well-being. At diiVe, we believe that purpose can no longer be separate from building your career. Without a deep connection and sense of personal purpose, you cannot effectively make your next career move, communicate your vision or drive successful impact in your future business, organization or cause.

Ann Lamont, a diiVe co-founder, leads our purpose coaching sessions for our students. She has over 20+ years experience supporting executives from large global organizations to leaders from government in defining their personal purpose as well as driving purpose alignment across entire organizations.

The diiVe Community

diiVe is a both a personal and professional journey. It is a uniquely individual as well as collective experience. It’s as much about long-term growth as its about becoming part of a bigger movement to drive change across the world.

Over the years, we have built an expansive global network of leaders, including founders of major companies, experienced consultants, senior community organizers, philanthropists and policy-makers, clients, alumni, partners and universities. Throughout your time with diiVe, you will meet and engage with these leaders and speak to our resident digital gurus and global thought leaders in social entrepreneurship and innovation, forming and maintaining connections long after you leave our program.

Our co-founder’s story

Driving societal impact and serving global communities has always been a passion of mine. After completing my degree at Brown University, I worked for several years in the non-profit space with organizations committed to driving positive change.

Transitioning into leadership development and consulting, I worked with leaders across sectors struggling to adapt to a rapidly evolving, digital future, that requires a new set of knowledge, skills and ways of working. To solve the global, complex challenges of today’s world, leaders need to work in adaptive teams, collectively innovate, connect deeply to others, and leverage their digital knowledge in novel ways. If we were preparing our current organizational leaders for this future, who was preparing our students?

By founding diiVe, we offer students an alternative learning environment, that develops their capability to build their wider impact and lead in a more interconnected, complex, digital world.

Elspeth Boynton, Executive Director and Co-founder of diiVe

Our Team

Elspeth Boynton

Co-founder & ED

Ann Lamont

Co-founder & Coach

Devon Reynolds

Program Manager

Jazlin Rosewitz

Business Coordinator

Koketso Morare

Business Associate

Our Ambassadors

Meet our ambassadors! Reach out to them and learn more about our program.

Ethan Tran

Harvard University

Nicholas Mutsaka

Ashesi University

Lamiae Serraj

Al Akhawayn University

Stanley Ndlovu

Ashesi University

Mellen Masea

Harvard University

Mohamed Arous

Notre Dame

Victoria Villalba

Brown University

Faith Ngala

Ashesi University

Sofia Borsatti

Harvard University

Siena Horton

Harvard University

Dave Park

University of Michigan

Tatum Peskin

Middlebury College

Camiel Schroeder

Middlebury College

Derek Lu

Middlebury College

Sam Kostopulos

Middlebury College

Resego Mosarwe

University of Cape Town

Anapia Brunt

University of Pennsylvania

Katie Kwiatkowski

University of Richmond

Sydney Armor

Middlebury College

Angelina Makretsova

University of Richmond

Snella Kimana

Al Akhawayn University

Shivapriya Nair

Middlebury College

Sofia Cagliero

Harvard University

Michael Mugisha

Ashesi University

Akshita Goel

University of Richmond

Swuan Lu

University of Richmond

Salvatore Valentino

Harvard University

Nyasha Makwarimba

St Barnards College

Ciro Diaz-Mena

Middlebury College

Vlera Hasani

Middlebury College

Wendy Le

Richmond University

Malik Mashgo

Notre Dame University

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